In Memory Of A Beautiful Life...Our brother, Our uncle, and our friend.

  Born April 27th 1965 to parents Murray P Sanford and Shirley Joan Sanford. Mike was a first and only son. He was a brother to sisters Sherrie Groethy, Lorrie Gutierrez and Rhonda Sanford.

He started his life in Sunny California, moving often and having lived all over the world due to his fathers Military service. In his grammar school years he traveled to Africa where he lived for two years.

  Mike was a virtual book of knowledge as he had a photographic memory. He would read and memorize encyclopedia's as a child. He was one of 2 children to ever ace the IQ test in the state of California for first graders at that time. He had a genius IQ. Throughout school he was in all gifted programs offered.

    He studied many religions and even became an ordained minister. He was able to recall verbatim the religious materials of many different religions. He also was an avid collector of  religious artifacts.

  He was a loving and kind uncle to his nieces and nephews.

  Mike seemed to have a lifelong mission to help people and more times than not put others first before himself. He was a good and loyal friend to those he cared for. He helped many people, even personally providing blankets for the homeless in winter.

  He had a wonderful sense of humor. He told hilarious stories of his adventurous life.

  He was hard working and highly motivated and he believed in making things happen. As a kid he said he would break a world record one day and be in the Guinness book of world records. He did so in 2004 and was recognized in 2014, his record is in the 2014 book on page 169.

  Mike lived by the sea for many years of his life. He loved the ocean and all it offered, fishing, crabbing and clamming at ocean shores. He said the one place he would have liked to return to was Hawaii, and vividly described its beauty.

  He had a knack for gardening even creating his own fertilizer with kelp and and other secret ingredients. A formulation which outgrew most commercial fertilizers. He taught others to grow indoor salad gardens. As well he was currently participating and providing seeds for the pea patch at his home in port Susan.

  Mike took a job as a security guard for Applied Materials and in 3 short years he worked for the same company in their computer department then later as CCure Application Programing support. While living by the ocean he met and married Christina Oldershaw on September 18 2001 in Makena Maui and they later resided in Sammamish, WA. Although after 13 years together they parted ways remaining on friendly terms. Mike then moved to Issaquah where he lived until 2015. In 2015 he purchased land in Port Susan and lived there until he passed.

  Mike had a great interest in working with natural gems. Obtaining training for cutting stones to make jewelry. Micheal made some really beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry.

  He was a gold prospector and he had gold claims for years. Him and his faithful buddy Pip, his Pomeranian, worked the claims.

  Mike was the very best pet owner any animal could want. He has had several champagne Pomeranian's over the years. His most current being Pip. Pip had every need met and luxury as well. He went everywhere that Mike went and was pampered throughout the day as Mike worked from home. Mike had a kindness that animals understood and were drawn to.

  Mike was very loved by his family and was one of the best people you could ever meet, he cared for people and tried very hard to help people with any need. Be it a prayer or a jacket or medicine needed. Although we can understand why God would call home this special angel. Mike will be greatly missed in this world.